Broadcom introduces multi-standard wireless charging chipset named BCM59350 for smartphones

Leading semiconductor solutions provider Broadcom has announced a high performance multi-standard wireless charging power management unit (PMU) for smartphones, BCM59350, with support for all three leading standards organizations. Specifications from the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP), Power Matter Alliance (PMA) and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) are all included the in Broadcoms new power management unit (PMU). Broadcom aims to make wireless smartphone charging much more convenient and reliable for the consumers. This device has a unique Broadcom design that enables multiple devices with different power requirements such as tablets, smartphones or a smartwatch charge at the same time, without any need of accurate positioning or alignment.


Broadcoms new wireless charging technology enables device manufacturers to build multi-standard wireless power receivers, alleviating consumer confusion and driving the benefits of Rezence technology into the mainstream, said Broadcom product director Reinier van der Lee. Broadcom delivers the complete package interoperable wireless charging, leading mobile connectivity and WICED smart technology for charging pads, simplifying the development process and enabling a fully interoperable ecosystem to our customers.

The new chip will consist of a WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) component combined with a multi-standard smartphone PMU. It enables charging performance with 50% less requirement for voltage. This technology takes advantage of Rezence which is a wireless power-transfer specification that charge devices that are not physically attached with a wire. With this new multi-standard SoC, apparently it would be easy for OEMs to integrate wireless charging in smartphones. It is backed by hundreds of consumer device makers and chip companies including Broadcom.

Highlights of Broadcom BCM59350 multi-standard wireless charging SoC

  • Efficiency: Up to 88 percent AC to DC efficiency
  • High Performance: Supports up to 7.5W for faster charge time than standard USB and wall chargers
  • Boost Mode: Broadcom ensures charging performance with 50 percent less voltage
  • Support for automatic selection between standards and single mode operation
  • NFC Coexistence: Broadcom’s wireless charging design ensures acceptable NFC performance
  • Implementation Flexibility: Can be designed in a smartphone motherboard or battery cover
  • Small PCB Footprint: Broadcom’s design supports multi-standards in the same size as a single standard solution
  • Low Cost: Broadcom’s solution has a minimum bill of materials cost with no external active components, excluding WICED Smart

The chip has yet to be launched to market. The Broadcom BCM59350 wireless charging smartphone power management unit is now in sampling stage with select OEMs. As per research, the demand for wireless charging is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years. The shipping of wirelessly charged devices annually is likely to increase to over $50 million in 2014 and reach $900 million in 2018. As a result the combined market for wireless power receivers and transmitters are expected to be worth $8.5 billion in 2018. It is not clear when we can expect smartphones with this new wireless charging chipset. If the chip becomes widely adopted, it could mean that wireless charging will finally see widespread adoption without having to worry about a format or standard battle.

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