Some cool and offbeat camera accessories that you must try

A camera can capture only what the photographer imagines. Imagination knows absolutely no bounds. Hence in the attempt to capture the limitless imagination camera accessories play an important part. Additionally, many of these accessories mentioned below will work with any kind of camera, be it a DSLR, point-and-shoot or even a smartphone.



Camera Dolly

Rs. 5500 onwards

It is a known fact that while using any kind of camera to shoot a video it is extremely hard to keep your hands perfectly steady. If you want to give your videos a professional and slick look, a camera dolly can be extremely helpful. A good Camera Dolly has an articulating arm and a sturdy base that can hold any camera. The wheels help the dolly glide smoothly across a flat surface. In addition to that the wheels can be rotated so that you can shoot a video in a curve. Apart from video, it makes time lapse shoot easier.

Ipole or ipole mini

Rs 4,000 onwards

The iPole is nothing but a solid, extendable pole with a tripod mount attached at one end. You can use it with almost all compact cameras. It even comes with a smartphone grip that attaches to the tripod screw. The pole can be extended up to roughly 3 feet(lesser for mini version) and use it to capture video and photographs with a different and a fascinating viewpoint. It can also be used to capture group selfies easily or if you want to shoot at a very high/low angle. In addition to that, the iPole also acts as a stabilizer to minimise hand shake.

Digital Intervalometer (o shoot TIMELAPSE videos)

Rs 4,000 onwards

Intervalometers are small battery powered devices that send a signal to the camera to release the shutter. It must be connected to the camera. You can set the intervalometer to take photographs at specific intervals. Once it is set, it operates accordingly. All you need to do is place the camera on a tripod and use an intervalometer to capture a time lapse. A time lapse video captures photographs over the course of several hours and attaches them together to create a short video. The video shows the effects of hours in just a few seconds.

Stabilizer Rig

Rs. 1250 onwards

These inexpensive stabilizer rigs are very useful if you shoot a lot of videos. Unlike the more expensive gyro stabilizers or professional Steadicams that can cost as much as $800(Rs. 49000), this simply steadies the camera by providing an unconventional gravity-assisted grip at a cost of Rs. 1250. Thus we can say that instead of holding the camera up and working against its weight, you use the weight itself to stabilize it. There are various versions of these stabilizers available, with some made of plastic and some made of aluminium.


Rs 1,299 onwards

The GorillaPod is a small tripod to fix your camera on with flexible legs that can be wrapped around any object. It can be attached to objects like a branch, bench or pole. The anti-slip surface secures it in its place even if the object it is on has an uneven surface. The camera can be attached on top using the standard tripod screw head. There are different sizes available depending on your requirement and the type of camera you have. You can expand the uses of GorillaPod as u experiment more and more with it.

Eye-Fi SD cards

Rs 4,600 onwards

Digital photography allows people to take thousands of photographs and store them on memory cards without a second thought. But many a times people tend to forget or neglect to transfer those photographs into their phones or laptops because of the inconvenience of connecting the camera with those devices. In these cases an Eye-Fi card comes as a boon. Eye-Fi SD card is just like a regular SD card, except for the fact that it has built in Wi-Fi which can be used to wirelessly transfer photos and videos from your camera to your phone, tablet or computer. The capacity of Eye-Fi starts from 2GB.

Dimmable LED Panel

Rs.1,376.50 onwards

This LED light panel has 160 or more dimmable LEDs that you can use as a light source for photos or videos. It is powered by six AA batteries or certain types of camera lithium batteries. It has a regular hot shoe design and a simple dial on the side to adjust the brightness. At full brightness, the light is almost blinding and enough to fill a reasonably large room with light. It also comes with three plastic filters that slides into the front to be used outside as fill light: a white diffuser (to soften the light), a warm filter (to reduces colour temperature and introduces warmth) and a light pink filter.

Ring Light

Rs 3,000 onwards

While shooing macro images usually there is not a lot of room for light to get to the subject since youre extremely close to it. But if a light source is placed right at the edge of the camera lens, this issue can be resolved easily. The device does just that. It has 48 bright white LEDs, arranged in a circle. It either uses AA batteries or a wall adapter for power. It is compatible with most DSLR lenses and it comes with a control/battery unit that can be plugged into the hot shoe of the camera. Using it you can get sufficient light on your subject whilst shooting a macro shot. Ring light also comes with different colour adapters for different light effects.

Holga Lenses for DSLRs

Rs 2,099

Holga Cameras are those which give low-fidelity results which are very interesting and different. However instead of buying one you can attach a Holga lens to your digital SLR, to instantly start capturing images that have the same characteristic vignette, blurriness, light leaks, muted colour and distortion as that of images captured through a Holga camera. It fits on the DSLR body just like any other regular lens but has a fixed focal length of 60mm and specific focusing ability. It is a little tricky to use because it has a really small aperture and you have to use the camera in manual mode. For this reason youll probably get better results outdoors in bright light preferably in sun. Needless to say, it is only a fun accessory that should not be used when clarity or sharpness is required.

Add-on Phone Lenses

Rs. 1220 onwards

A typical smartphone is thin and light hence as a result the capability of the small lens in its camera is automatically curbed. With these lenses, you can expand the capabilities of a smartphone almost like a DSLR. Some of the options of lenses are a fish-eye, polariser, wide angle, macro, super fisheye and telephoto. All of them use optical quality glass and aluminium construction and offer excellent results. You can either choose to buy a single lens or as a set of lenses. Either way you get several metal rings that you need to stick onto the phone. The lens can magnetically attaches to this ring.

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