Echo Livescribe 3 smartpen

No more you have to waste purchasing million pens, paper and their inks and also assure that you don’t miss even a single word as now Livescribe’s Echo Smartpen have arrived to compensate through these problems with every probable answer and particularly beneficial to journalists and students. Recording is thoroughly digital whatever is heard and written at anytime, anywhere and is latest in technology innovation. Thereafter you can replay all your meetings or lectures easily by tapping on the handwritten notes to playback videos.


With almost 2GB memory storage capacity, the advanced Smartpen can hold more than 30,000 pages of notes and can be sent or shared to Email, Google docs, all the Google sites, on Microsoft one note, My Livescribe alongside computers.



Smartpen is customizable with a pool of apps and moreover you can drag and drop your files to custom notebooks and to store the data available in the form of PDF and audio files. Although recharging the smartpen is possible by USB connection and is well supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 also Mac OS 10.7.7 and even higher. Speakers are built in to provide full and clear sound and the erogonomic grip design makes it to hold for long meetings with Livescribe 3–D Premium Recording Headset to enable binaural recording.

Display is of High–contrast OLED with 9618 resolutions; the ink tip is also replaceable. System Utilities include multiple language support, time, date, storage info, and battery charge. Height and width is 6.2 x 0.8 and the considerable weight is 1.3 oz.

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