Google Search for Android now offers links to music apps

Google is making it a little bit easier to start listening to musicians you’re researching. Now it will allow users to play the music directly from search results.

Google in a company blog post said, “Say you’re curious about your favorite pop artist’s latest hits, or you’re with friends chatting about the newest indie rock group and want to play some of their music. Starting today, when you ask Google about a musician, you can simply tap a link to play their music right in one of your installed apps.”


If you search for a band or an artist on Android the results will now show quick links to the artist’s page in your installed music apps. These apps include Play Music, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn and Rdio. The feature is being targeted at mobile users, who may be curious about a new artist, or want to hear their favorite band’s latest album. With this change, Google has effectively turned its search engine into the entry point for a majority of the top music apps, with plans to add more over time. In addition, those deep links won’t just be in search results – they’ll be ads, too.

According to an example by Google, if a user searches for Katy Perry on his Android phone or tablet, he will now see a list of music apps at the top of the results page. By clicking on one of those links the songs will start playing in the app of your choice.

At the moment this tuneful feature is available only to music lovers in the US but Google said that is will soon make the feature available globally. Google says it intends to expand the feature to other countries, adding music services relevant for those countries in the process. The tech giant names France-based Deezer as one of those services that could be added later.

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