Google updates Waze navigation app for Android and iOS updated

Google’s Waze,  the popular crowd-sourced navigation app for Android and iOS got updated to version 3.8.0 and got treated to a wide range of handy new features. The latest 3.8 version of the app now get UI makeover with a redesigned main menu. For Windows Phone users, the app is still not updated. Notably the app had arrived on the Windows Phone platform in November last year.


Now it comes with better social features. The app, which provides map routes and constantly updates traffic conditions, is now adding the ability to share current location with friends. It allows users to send and receive friend requests, as well as manage their friends list. To add friends, they can either tap on the friends icon on the map or the friends button in the navigation screen to add friends. They can also send their past location from the history along with work and home address. Waze also automatically goes through the contacts in your smartphone and finds the ones that are also Waze users.

The more prominent changes that the 3.8.0 update brings are in the safety department. Users can now set Waze to inform to their friends or relatives when they are going to arrive at their destination. It estimates how long it will take the user to get to the destination and sends them text messages with the estimated time of the arrival. This way there is one less reason to use your phone and text while driving. Also, Waze can automatically send a text message to some predefined contacts if you happen to get stuck in one of those unpleasant traffic jams.

Waze users can now share their driving routes with multiple friends at a time by tapping a contact’s photo and selecting “go.” The people who you share your drive with can track your progress and will be provided with a real-time ETA. The app has been also given the usual bug-fixing, stability-improving treatment. The updated Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic app is available to download via Google Play and the App Store.

Here is a full list of new features available in the latest update:

– Find more friends on Waze by adding Contacts

– Send & receive friend requests and manage your friends list

– Get in touch with friends directly from their profiles: Share a drive, call, message or beep beep to say – hello!

– Locations sent between friends are saved on user profiles for future navigation

– New easy-to-use design for sending locations

– Share your drive to let friends & family know you’re on the way

– Redesigned ETA screen includes friends display to easily share your drive

– New icon on ETA tab shows the number of people viewing your shared drive, and expands for overview of activity

– Main menu redesigned to include new Send Location button and Share Drive button in Nav mode

Bug fixes:

– Waze freezing when performing a search

– General stability improvements

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