How to do hard reset on LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 5

Hard reset on Nexus devices is almost similar to the other android device, but options and keys vary from each other. Normally you want to factory reset your Smartphone when there problems like viruses, lower speed, performance. Yes, if you are using your smartphone device for past 1-2 year it will not work as it was working for the first time. Yes, the device will have so many temporary log files due to the application installed and uninstalled in your device during this period.

Whether you have lost your unlock pattern or password or if you have planned to sell your old Smartphone to a third user then of-course you have to wipe all your data from the smartphone.

You have various choice of doing hard reset on your LG Nexus devices. It depends on the situation what occurs then you have to follow the needful instruction.

If you are aware of your password and other setting details and simply want to clean your device from unwanted log files, viruses and settings then you can go through the menu option and just follow the basic instruction that even your Smartphone will make you understand.

Hard Reset on LG Nexus 4

You will find the easiest way to do factory reset through menu. Just follow the basic steps, but before you should take all your data backup on other external storage device using your computer or laptop. If you are done with that then go to setting >Backup and reset>Factory data reset>reset device >Delete all.

Doing reset on your android device doesn’t make changes in your Smartphone systems software or any updates that you have downloaded. It also doesn’t touch your MicroSD card. Only the phone data and users settings would be wiped.

In case, if you forget your password or unlock pattern on your device then you only have an option to perform the hard reset on the device and change the user setting. If you are having an online backup then you are lucky otherwise only the microSD data and contact would be saved.

Below are the steps to follow to perform hard reset on Nexus 4:-

  • Switch of your Nexus 4 either by pressing power button or simply remove the battery
  • Press volume (-) plus Power key and hold for few seconds
  • In recovery menu press volume down key twice
  • Press Power button you will find the red exclamation mark
  • Press power plus Volume(+) button together
  • Opt the wipe data/factory reset menu and press power button
  • Select by scrolling “Yes, delete all the user data” and press power

After a minute your device will reboot. Now you have successfully performed the hard reset process on your Nexus 4 device.

To perform hard reset on the Nexus 5 is easy if you remember the Password, PIN or pattern otherwise you cannot perform hard reset via menu. You only have to follow the other method of factory reset.

Hard Reset on LG Nexus 5

To perform hard reset of factory default setting on your Nexus 5 device, you need to follow the almost similar instruction. If you know the Password, PIN or pattern then go to the setting>select backup and reset>click on reset phone>select erase everything>enter the Password, PIN or pattern> select Ok. Your Smartphone will start the process and reboot in a minute time.

Below are the steps to follow to perform hard reset on Nexus 5:-

  • Switch of your Nexus 4 either by pressing power button or simply remove the battery
  • Press the volume (-) key and power key together and hold it until you see the word start with an arrow drawn around it
  • Press volume key twice to highlight the recovery mode
  • Press power key to enter into recovery mode, once you see an android robot with red exclamation marks
  • While holding down power button press volume up
  • Scroll using volume key to select the “wipe data/factory reset” and press power button to select it
  • Scroll down and select “yes erase all user data” press power key and the process will start

It will take a few minute to get reset and after that your Android phone will reboot. Now your device has the new settings as it was when you bought first. You will require doing the needful setting.

In addition, we are going to tell you what you should do if your Nexus 4 or Nexus 5 become unresponsive. If your device doesn’t respond then you press and hold the volume key for 10 second. The device will restart automatically.

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