Inspiration lite headphones by Monster, a pleasing entry in its post-Beats era

Beats creators have recently took advancement at audio stardom and have come up with Monster Inspiration Lite, the fashionable on-ear variety with booming sound. Priced about $269 which is £234, AU$338, though US-exclusive headphones have attracted enough crowd.


Monsters going for the high-class crowd by releasing the Inspiration Lite headphones in a trendy fashion era to polarize the crowd.  Monster is composed of enough tones of black, dark grey and blue exhibiting the titanium structure. Commencing from the top, the leather headband is provided with an additional strap of stitched leather to make it as comfortable as possible. The enclosed back design functions in cancellation of passive noise with the padding and noise leakage is minimized.

Thankfully it can stretch up to 75% to adapt even broad heads and is structured with rectangular earcups having 3.5mm input on each to enable cabling option. Music share can easily be done by conveniently plugging in to listen to what you want and the other in a wired headset. Alongside, the 3.5mm audio cable is flat and functions in offering complete inline controls with an additional mic and also a 2.5mm connector basically for flight use and a microfiber cloth is provided to eliminate all the fingerprints thus produced while using.

The Monster Inspiration Lite performed admirably well with this favorable produce in view of the current demands. Even with healthy sound it doesn`t muddle the overall sound as expected. The Inspiration Lite offers a slick design and appears good when in use. Sound quality is preferably rich with convincing portability concludes them to be a pal while travelling. The Inspiration Lite has been a victory for Monster and a pleasing entry in its post-Beats era. Since it possess a high price tag,considering the feature set prefer being patient to lower the price to recommend these headphones.

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