Microsoft to launch its own smartwatch in October

Following the new trend of wearable gadgets, Microsoft doesn’t want to fall behind in race. With the recent announcement in Google I/O, LG G watches powered with Android is all set to take the market. Even Motorola will roll out its Moto 360 watches and Samsung is already in market long before with Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Microsoft has not made any comment on wearable gadgets, but looks like Microsoft has silently prepared for it. Microsoft will launch its smart watch in the month of October.

Surprisingly the watch will not just support Windows Phone 8.1 but it will also support Android & IOS, the other 2 big giants in smartphone market. Microsoft currently holds 4% of market share but even with its Windows Phone 8.1 it has not made much difference. Companies strategy to support the OS along with Windows seems right.

Furthermore, the display of Microsofts smartwatch is said to be placed on the inside of the wrist and not towards the outside like seen with all types of watches. Users would be able to view the display by turning their wrist upwards. This unconventional move by Microsoft is said to make the display and the contents inside it more private to users.

Also, the design profile of the Microsoft smartwatch is said to be slimmer and more like a flatter version of the Nike FuelBand along with 11 sensors under the hood.

Regarding Hardware company has not detailed anything yet. In Another month or so we shall know the details.

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