Microsoft updates Nokia camera app with many new features

Microsoft is putting more power into Lumia Windows phones by updating Nokia camera app with the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 and SensorCore SDK Beta. The version now adds support for living images that will allows users to take a brief video before they press the shutter button to capture an image. These photos are then added with a background score and hence turn them into videos. This feature enables users to insert motion to the image using the camera roll and Nokia Storyteller.


Secondly, the camera app is getting continuous auto focus that enables faster focusing. This will help users to shoot quickly as the viewfinder will always be in focus. Moreover, the update also brings support for surround sound capture in videos, and enhanced camera roll “with full resolution zoom and inline playback of videos, cinemagraph, smart sequences and Refocus images.”The Nokia camera app integrates Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Video Trimmer for editing your photos and videos.

According to Microsoft Corporation the Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 provides developers with the right tools to build apps for Lumia smartphones powered by Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8.0 as well as tablets and desktops with Windows 8.1 OS.  It is based on the same technology that powers the Creative Studio, Storyteller and Cinemagraph apps.

“With Universal apps, developers can now address the installed base of the Windows family with a single project, reusing a lot of their code across platforms. The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 is fully compatible with Universal apps and Windows Runtime languages, providing developers with flexibility to use the languages they prefer,” wrote Nokia Program Manager.

As mentioned before in addition to the update, the company has also released two new SDKs – Nokia Imaging 1.2 and Lumia SensorCore SDK Beta for developers. They are part of Microsoft’s Universal Windows applications philosophy, which allows developers to work on the same code for multiple devices.

The tech giant rolled out new features for the Nokia Camera app for select Lumia phones including Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon.

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