Path launches Path Talk Messaging app for Android and iPhone

Path Inc., the company behind the Path social network is releasing a messaging app called Path Talk for iPhone and Android. Path Talk is essentially Path’s messaging feature, stripped out and given its own standalone app. Path Talk enables you to mail messages, media, position, plus more to any of the Path friends, and Path claims that whatever you deliver is removed off their hosts inside a day to guard your privacy. Path Talk features a nice iOS 7-friendly UI and looks very fluid.


Path Talk is not so different from messaging in Path proper, but has a few key additions to set it apart. The  unique features includes Ambient Status that automatically tells your friends when you are in transit, nearby, or low on battery, messages disappear after 24 hours and  Quick Replies to nudge a friend, acknowledge a message, or start a call without ever using a keyboard. The app also shows what music you’re listening to. It’s a lot to automatically share, so the feature has been made to be opt-in.

Highlights of Path Talk for Android and iPhone

  • Off the Record: Messages you send in Path Talk are automatically erased from our servers 24 hours after you send them, so you can now be yourself in conversations.
  • Ambient Status: Path Talk can automatically tell your friends when you’re in transit, in the neighborhood, or even low on battery so your availability is always understood.
  • Message Music, Maps, and more: Easily send movies, music, books, maps, locations, and high quality photos and videos—all with a single tap.
  • Quick Replies: Save time by nudging a friend or acknowledging a message directly from your message list with just a swipe.
  • Handmade Stickers: We’ve hired some of the best artists in the industry to imagine and draw characters for you to use when emoji just isn’t enough.
  • Voice Messaging: Quickly send and receive high quality voice messages 1-on-1 with a friend or back and forth with a group of people.

Path plans to add Place Messaging that would enable Talk messaging between you and any local business so that you can book reservations, get prices, check in-store and more. Path also claims that loads of additional new features are arriving in the near future, like the capability to send eateries, shops, and much more.  The social networking also released variant 4.0 of its all in 1 path app for iOS for its users. Path Talk is accessible for free from the iOS App-store.

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