Selfie addicts can now cheer on with the new Panasonic GF7 camera trending in the market

The recent Panasonics GF series cameras are designed for compact system camera first-timers.  It is believed to be of compatible size, affordable price & initially accessible to put in use and we are pretty sure the existing GF6 will be replaced by the trending GF7. The upcoming models befit below the Panasonic GM1 and GM5 models which are comparatively expensive but compact in size.

The GF7 has become popular for its specialized feature in capturing stylish selfies within a more angular, classy design than the GF6, although the lenses are almost similar. You can better rely on the front screen of LCD to magnify the shots when required.

A considerable advantage of GF7 is it can be activated just by flipping up the LCD screen and you with your friends will now be visible in the front facing the camera. Since this camera is using a smart device therefore Wi-Fi is enabled in it. You can switch to the GF7`s soft skin and defocusing or slimming modes in order to ensure cosmetic enhancement in the selfies.

GF7 has a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is an advancement when compared to GF6 although the resolution remaining same. The sensor and the processor have been upgraded to match those in the bigger and more advanced GX7. This provides you with a high-speed 240fps sensor which progress in reading out the autofocus speed.

The GF7 shoots 1080p video at up to 50fps in the AVCHD format but you can also shoot MP4 files. There will be considerable Time Lapse and modes of Stop Motion with an attentive focusing ability on the screen. The colors available for GF7 are silver and brown, will hit the markets in March 2015 at £429 about US$650/AU$790.

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